FAC.111-Compost Operations Management – Fundamentals and Beyond-AC22.USCC

Managing an operation can mean many things, but managing a composting operation has some specific traits that should be considered among all operators in all situations. This presentation will address some serious blunders and some paths to success that may be useful to those managing, supporting, regulating, or working with a composting project. Whether a… Continue reading FAC.111-Compost Operations Management – Fundamentals and Beyond-AC22.USCC

BUS.113-Providing Operational Guidance for Municipalities adding Food Scraps to a Yard Debris Composting Program-AC20.USCC

This video discusses how municipalities can incorporate food waste in their yard waste composting facilities, giving information on the things that must be considered before making a decision. Speakers: Coryanne Mansell, Nora Goldstein Duration: 17 minutes Credits: 0.5 Member Price: $30.00 Non-Member Price: $52.50 Purchase Course Now

BUS.218-Benchmarking your Facility’s Financials-AC20.USCC

This presentation will address these aspects of facility financing: 1. What is EBITDA, why should you care more than net income. 2. Debt vs. Equity financing of your business. 3. How do I know if my business is doing good? 4. How do I decide to spend on that capital improvement or not? 5. Risks… Continue reading BUS.218-Benchmarking your Facility’s Financials-AC20.USCC