FAC.114-Foundations of Composting-WKS.CREF

This intensive day-long training from COMPOST2020 in Charleston, SC covers the basic concepts, practices and “how to’s” of commercial compost production. The course provides a broad foundation for novice compost operators, managers and regulators and refreshes veteran composters on the underlying scientific principles. Subjects include: Basic principles of composting, process insights, facility design and management,… Continue reading FAC.114-Foundations of Composting-WKS.CREF

BUS.120-Growing your Career in the Compost Industry-WEB.USCC

“YP Webinar: Growing your Career in the Compost Industry! Jobs in the US may be abundant but are you positioning yourself for the best career in the compost industry? Hear what two of the largest compost manufacturers in the country look for in candidates. Learn how the USCC can give you the tools to make… Continue reading BUS.120-Growing your Career in the Compost Industry-WEB.USCC

VIS.112-Deep in the Heart of Compost-AC22.USCC

Life requires us to be problem solvers. Success requires us to be dreamers. Chad Hymas is both a dreamer and a problem solver. In his personal life, he has had to find new solutions to create mobility, strength, and business success. Wouldn’t you like your team to acquire those same skills? With humorous stories and… Continue reading VIS.112-Deep in the Heart of Compost-AC22.USCC

MAR.115-Customer Service for Composters-AC22.USCC

This will be a presentation about customer service, providing strategies, training methods, and tackling specifc compost/soil related customer issues. We will go over how to create customer serivice culture and a reputation for a meaningful brand and repeat sales. How to use lab testing, STA Certification and local/regional labs to provide the best service for… Continue reading MAR.115-Customer Service for Composters-AC22.USCC

FEE.114-Field Testing Programs and Experience-AC22.CREF

When deciding whether to accept compostable products with food scraps – what’s in and what’s out – it pays to go beyond the lab to see how products breakdown in real-world conditions. Join a panel of field testing experts and compost manufacturers to talk about the ins and outs of on-site disintegration testing for compostable… Continue reading FEE.114-Field Testing Programs and Experience-AC22.CREF

BUS.119-How to Land a Venture Capital/Private Equity Investor for Your Organics Recycling Business-AC22.USCC

Learn what investors care about most when scrutinizing potential organics recycling businesses. Understanding the mindset of these stakeholders will allow facility owners and operators to avoid costly legal mistakes, obtain favorable financing, and maximize ROI. Speakers: Kamal Daghistani Duration: 33 minutes Credits: 1.0 Member Price: $60.00 Non-Member Price: $105.00 Purchase Course Now

VIS.114-Regenerative Secrets-AC22.USCC

Regenerative Agriculture Principles work well regardless of the environment, the foods being grown or raised, and the climate under which they are raised. Direct experiences with farms in all major climate regions and in many different production focuses shows that tremendous resilience can be achieved through proper application of the Six Principles of Soil Health… Continue reading VIS.114-Regenerative Secrets-AC22.USCC

HEA.111-What Does Safety Look Like For You-AC22.USCC

A risk-free environment will never exist. Therefore, employees must be self-motivated to develop a “personal safety culture” to reduce accidents. Participants will learn: -If you notice a dangerous situation you need to fix it -That safety should be a 24 hour concern -Any small accident can affect your future Speakers: Chad Hymas Duration: 1 hours… Continue reading HEA.111-What Does Safety Look Like For You-AC22.USCC

VIS.113-Getting Consumers To Care About Composting-AC22.USCC

In the United States, over one-third of all available food goes uneaten through loss or waste. It is the single largest item in our everyday trash, and the largest item to go into municipal landfills. Consumers in their own homes make up the majority of food waste in America – more than grocery stores, restaurants, or… Continue reading VIS.113-Getting Consumers To Care About Composting-AC22.USCC