POL.110-Compost Advocacy and Coalition Building-AC22.USCC

The NJ Composting Council in the last 3 years has gone from formation to influencing policy by building a coalition that includes composting industry members, like minded non-profits, academics, current and former regulators, and even groups who some might find odd partners. This coalition included both grassroots organizations and small companies as well as the… Continue reading POL.110-Compost Advocacy and Coalition Building-AC22.USCC

BUS.223-How Partnerships Led to the Collection of 1,000,000 Pounds of Organics!-AC20.USCC

This video discusses how a partnership between the Office of Waste Reduction & Recycling and the UNC Charlotte Dining Services led to an increase in composting and sustainable waste practices around campus. Speakers: Lindsay Klingenschmidt Duration: 22 minutes Credits: 0.5 Member Price: $30.00 Non-Member Price: $52.50 Purchase Course Now