PRO.115-TMECC, CAP & the CTDS: The Backbone of the Seal of Testing Assurance Program-WEB.USCC

Through its procedural and compliance measures, the USCC Seal of Testing Assurance Program provides nationwide standards for compost testing and reporting that provide compost users with the clarity and confidence necessary to accurately specify compost applications. The STA program is the culmination of years of research and discussion by many of the leading compost research scientists in the United States. This webinar will delve into the historical background of the Test Methods for the Evaluation of Compost & Composting (TMECC), the STA program, the CAP Program and the research underpinning their development. In addition, this webinar will dive into how STA participants can leverage the data provided on a Compost Technical Data Sheet (CTDS) and the confidence instilled through programmatic measures, to address various compost end users and target markets.
Speakers: Robert Miller, Gary Gittere, Ginny Black
Duration: 60 minutes
Credits: 1
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Non-Member Price: $105.00
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