PRO.221-How Compost Helps Address Climate Challenges: Drought and Fire-WEB.CREF

How to use compost mulches and soil amendments to create soils capable of enhancing storm water capture, eliminating water-hungry weeds, minimizing soil erosion, and protecting water quality.   The role of the “living soil food web” and its relationship to compost by increasing soil organic carbon to help cool the planet – How fire-suppressive, composted mulch outperforms other popular landscape mulches in lowering the risk and rate of fire spread around homes and building structures.  Compost’s Role in Remediating Fire Damage; Dr. David Crohn will cover research demonstrating the effectiveness of compost in reducing soil erosion and pollution following California wildfires. Results show that compost use dramatically reduces water runoff as well as heavy metal and nutrient post-fire pollutants.
Speakers: Craig Kolodge, David Crohn
Duration: 76 minutes
Credits: 1.5
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