VIS.211-Drawdown Georgia, A Case Study On Composting As A Mechanism to Address Global Warming-AC22.USCC

Project Drawdown has done a pragmatic assessment of transformational changes that will be necessary to curtail global warming. When we analyze these projects, we find many of them can be clustered into a broader narrative of Organic Circularity. Researchers in Georgia have adopted the Project Drawdown methodology and created a hierarchy of initiatives to achieve carbon emission reductions for the State. Composting is one of those key initiatives. Dr. Jeff Mullen, an agricultural economist from the University of Georgia, is leading the food systems component of this initiative with a collection of colleagues from Georgia Tech and Emory University. In this talk, Dr. Mullen will share insights into methodologies and pilot programs being initiated to help the State of Georgia achieve sustainability goals through implementation of composting and reduction of food waste. Supporting this narrative, Gary Robinson from TIPA Corp will share insights into the work being done to expand consumer access to composting while helping prevent food waste. This includes exploring novel technologies, field testing, and advocacy work to collectively help us achieve the objectives of Project Drawdown.
Speakers: Gary Robinson
Duration: 21 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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