VIS.210-A Circular Economy to Scale Carbon Farming and Compost Infrastructure-AC22.USCC

Zero Foodprint is a 501.c3 leading public private collaborations with governments in CA, CO to scale carbon farming. We generate funds from businesses and citizens and depoly grants in conjunction with trusted conservation networks like the Conservation Districts and Cooperative Extensions. We are scaling this circular economy with a long term vision of enabling direct investment and incentivization of healthy soil at the infrastructural level, much in the way citizens can directly invest in renewable energy through CCA frameworks. Approximately 75% of our grants involve compost projects and so our work falls squarely in the category of market development for compost with a focus on carbon farming and regional governmental climate action plans. An example success would be for a given city or county to add $1 or $5 per month on the trash bill to “improve the grid of food” by funding the widespread creation of compost and application on agricultural lands. Leading business could also opt-in to add a 1% fee. We are in the very early stages of piloting this work in collaboration with governments in CA and CO and regulatory circumstances relating to SB1383 are creating exciting opportunities around direct service provision, and the establishment of a compost marketplace that can optimize the climate benefit of the expanding compost economy.
Speakers: Anthony Myint
Duration: 17 minutes
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