USE.222-Blending Compost for Various Applications-AC22.USCC

The Construction Industry is highly regulated and soil specifications are becoming more specific with every project. With increased demand comes the increased opportunity for Compost Manufactures to capitalize on these trends. While all Compost Manufacturers possess the necessary ingredients to create the soil, the requisite knowledge remains the greatest barrier to entry. Ascertaining the knowledge provides Compost Manufactures with another higher margin outlet for their compost. Most regulations are overseen by some form of government and understanding their unique soil specifications is only the starting point. Understanding which laboratories can generate acceptable tests, which tests and forms must be completed, and the timeline and frequency of testing. Demonstrating dedication to compliance and adherence to each specification will develop a strategic partnership with each government you work with.  Once you understand the specifications of any soil you choose to manufacture, you will be in need of a construction materials testing firm. Most specifications will indicate which specific tests/methods must be included with a submittal. Generally, all tests must also be conducted by an accredited laboratory with a current certification. Finding a testing firm that can supply acceptable testing results on time and within budget will improve your ability to supply any soil you choose to manufacture. Not to mention, the relationship cultivated with the testing firm can provide invaluable knowledge in the future. Lastly, Manufacturers must understand and embrace the end-user of these manufactured soils, in most cases Construction Companies. By now, you will know what information and tests you will need to share with Construction Companies and when they will need it. You can cultivate relationships with whomever may be responsible for purchasing decisions within the companies you supply. Creating an open dialogue with your consumers will provide you with feedback and insight into additional manufactured soil opportunities. 
Speakers: Tyler Scott Wright
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