FEE.112-The BPI Roadmap to Overcoming Challenges to Compostable Product Acceptance-AC22.USCC

In 2021 BPI released a Roadmap to address the top barriers to the acceptance and successful processing of certified compostable products. The Roadmap was a culmination of a series of BioCycle-facilitated workshops with stakeholders from across the value chain — composters, haulers, municipalities, foodservice operators, brands, and compostable product companies. The goal was to “build consensus for a single set of acceptability criteria so that compostable products can be accepted and successfully processed by a broader set of composters processing food scraps.” We will examine the top barriers, along with “future states” where these barriers cease to be an issue, and projects that will help get us there. You will hear about progress that’s being made on regulatory Inconsistency, contamination, infrastructure funding, compostability standards, and Organic agriculture rules.
Speakers: Rhodes Yepsen
Duration: 30 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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