FEE.111-The USCC Guide to Accepting or Rejecting Compostable Products-AC22.USCC

Presentation will walk attendees through the USCC’s Compost Manufacturers’ Decision Making Guide to Accepting or Rejecting Compostable Products, released in September 2021 and written by BioCycle Associates. The Guide includes key observations regarding composting certified compostable products, a Decision Tree, and accompanying worksheets that cover composting site assessment, business implications, feedstock source control, composting equipment assessment, and compost manufacturing operations assessment. The final sections of the Guide include Interactive Worksheets to help determine if your facility is a candidate to accept and successfully compost compostable products, and a spreadsheet to assess the financial viability of of accepting food scraps with compostable products included.
Speakers: Cary Oshins
Duration: 22 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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Non-Member Price: $52.50
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