PRO.113-Everything you Need to Know about Maintaining your Equipment, part 1-AC23.USCC

Discussion around the general machine and site maintenance, best practices, and taking care of your machine for a better user experience. Safety – Part 1 (11-12:30) • The importance of safety • Creating the safe worker mindset • Equipment safety evaluation • Worksite safety evaluation • Understanding intended use • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Lockout, tag out procedure Panelists: Ted Dirkx – Over 11yrs of product support, field experience Colby Gergovich – Over 25yrs aftermarket support, dealer level Josh Evans – Over 18yrs product support and service experience Christina Carlos – Parts Manager, 5yrs experience, dealer level Jake Livingston – Telematics Manager, dealer level Ryan Hugen – Over 25yrs of product support, parts, and service experience
Speakers: Ted Dirkx, Josh Evans, Colby Gergovich
Duration: 1 hours 22 minutes
Credits: 1.5
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