MAR.218-Operations can wait; your story can’t. How to stand out in a saturated market.-AC22.USCC

We open under a microscope. It’s dead quiet. Tiny little particles bounce around at random like the white ball in the classic Atari game, Pong. As we zoom in to take a closer look, the movements begin to slow; we begin to hear the first notes of Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Through a series of macro shots, we see soil slowly being peeled from the earth’s surface. A mixture of wood and organic matter suspended in space, an explosion of oxygen and fuel combusting into a ball of fire. The combination of tranquil cinematography and classical music is meditative, even mesmerizing. For a moment, we are entirely absorbed. CUT TO: The ear-piercing roar of an engine disrupts our dream-like state. From afar, we see a John Deere tractor pulling a compost-turner. Debris erupts from the massive horizontal blender consuming everything in its sight. In the distance, we can hear microbes screaming for their life, knowing all too well, their date with destiny has come. FADE TO BLACK: This presentation will advise businesses to consider the importance of writing their own story. The script above paints very different pictures of a compost operation, evoking varied emotions. As a USC professor once told me, you can’t sit with your ass between two chairs. From the consumer’s perspective, the compost marketplace can be confusing; finding your brand’s unique story can not only help them choose your product but create brand loyalty lasting long after the sale. More often than not, entrepreneurs start with the product, leaving the marketing for another day. This presentation will challenge that instinct. Identifying your demographic, creating positioning statements, conducting focus groups, and determining who you want to be are daunting tasks. I’ll discuss our approach, similarities in filmmaking, lessons learned, and keys to success. 
Speakers: Adam Brummond
Duration: 15 minutes
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