MAR.217-Physical Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: How Using Physical Marketing Materials Will Amplify Your Digital Campaigns-AC22.USCC

Although it may be hard to believe, not everyone stares at only their phone or computer screens. As such, not all marketing needs to be digital. Traditional marketing, also known as physical marketing, has taken a backseat to today’s focus on digital marketing programs. Currently, many companies believe physical marketing materials are a thing of the past, and therefore exclusively utilize digital platforms for all their marketing. This mentality could and will limit your ability to effectively market your products and services. Yes, digital marketing needs to be a major focus of your marketing program, but that doesn’t mean using physical marketing materials are not beneficial in today’s digital environment. Using physical marketing materials to amplify your digital campaigns is highly beneficial for your business, by helping to create impactful promotional campaigns and strengthen brand awareness. This session will highlight the many benefits of utilizing physical marketing materials which have stronger impacts on customers and prospects. By outlining how printed material should be used to complement your online marketing programs, you will gain insight why this will drive traffic to your website and increase the efficacy of your digital programs. Learn how utilizing printed materials, such as brochures, signs, and various promotional materials will create stronger awareness of your products and generate higher sales & profits.
Speakers: Gary Gittere
Duration: 19 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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