DIV.110-Controlling the Upstream-AC22.USCC

Investing in the cleanliness of the feedstock stream before it reaches the facility is an important step that saves time, resources, and money. Your sales team, education and outreach efforts and customer support team can be major assets in this.  As the composter, we have the opportunity to control our streams through these individuals: The decision-maker Regulations (in some areas) The compostable products manufacturer The customer’s purchasing department Foodservice or stream handlers team The waste generator/user Custodial services Hauler These individuals need to know the how and why of composting. How do you communicate this and at what stages is this accomplished? The sales team starts this process with a thorough analysis of the customers’ organics, the employees that interact with the organics stream, and what the systems of operations are within the organization. Asking the right questions on limitations is also important at this stage. Once an understanding of the process and variables is achieved, the sales team can identify other compostables that could be added to the stream and or transitioning to compostable alternatives.   The sales team then has the opportunity to connect customers to vendors and products that are known and trusted. This puts the composter in control of what is coming to the facility. Helping the customer minimize duplication and optimize their operations is always a value add as well. Once the process, products, and systems are decided on, the education and customer support team can support with signage, education on products, correct separation process, and the why of composting. Follow-ups and feedback on mistakes right away are essential. Having a way to track mistakes either from your drivers or from your receiving staff catches mistakes before they head to the piles and maintains good habits from the customer.
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