BUS.231- A Leading Community Composting Program in NYC during COVID-AC22.USCC

Domino Park (DP) is a 6-acre park and the Brooklyn waterfront redevelopment by Two Trees Management. The Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn has historically offered very little public access to the waterfront and is underserved by park space. Two Trees prioritized public access of the waterfront through a park that would give back to the community, including a composting program, which provides compost for local community gardens and residents. In 2019, Two Trees started collecting food scraps from local restaurants as part of a sustainable initiative. Horticultural waste from the park is combined with food scraps, keeping things local. After COVID closed the restaurants and NYC’s organic waste programs, DP’s response to the pandemic was to set up a Food Scrap Drop-Off program. It would help the community and ensure food scrap was a resource instead of being landfilled. Approx 80-120 participants come to each drop-off day. This closed-loop, community-redistribution model means that Williamsburg’s residents can divert food scraps to landfills and use the compost onsite. In addition, the community learns about composting, improving local soils, job creation, healthier neighborhoods, food security, resource management, energy savings, carbon reduction, greenhouse gases, etc. The educational component is significant. The Park team explains the biological process and how technology can speed up the process. In addition, many community members bring along their children, who get to feed their food scraps into the in-vessel and see the finished compost coming out. This project is a truly circular and sustainable nature community composting project. The produced compost goes back to the park lawns, green areas and for other public spaces. Most importantly, it is given back to the community for personal use, closing the recycling loop onsite. DP offers workshops and tours and plan to start a volunteer program to allow further community engagement.
Speakers: Gerardo Soto
Duration: 16 minutes
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