BUS.230-Connecting Operations with Finance: Tracking and Visualizing Financial Data-AC22.USCC

One of the hardest parts of running a composting business is creating financial systems that enables operators, site supervisors, general managers, etc… to know how the how the business is performing financially in real-time. There are lags in receiving and processing invoices, difficulty in tracking data, time consumed in error-checking measures, etc… that can leave the businesses performance largely up-in-the-air until a month-end close or other financial close. This leads to backward looking analysis, treating issues retrospectively, and diagnosing challenges days or weeks after they have occurred. Similar to a machine, the best business maintenance is predictive maintenance, and creating robust financial systems for all levels of employees enables managers to predict variances with a greater degree of accuracy, adjust plans accordingly, and forecast potential problems ahead of time, rather than treating symptoms retroactively. This session will discuss how to maximize the use of operational data to achieve more accurate financial reporting, stronger financial planning, and visualization of this data for all personnel.
Speakers: Jarrett Bond
Duration: 18 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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