BUS.228-Selling Your Business-What you Need to Know-AC22.USCC

A Panel of Buyers and Sellers discuss what you need to know to successfully and profitably sell your business Michael Stevens, WeCare Denali: Educate participants on the process of selling their businesses. How to go about finding a buyer, the process of selling, and various aspects of completing a sale process. Discuss what aspects of a business potential buyers may find attractive. Discuss how a future seller should prepare for the sale in terms of collecting data that will be required by buyers through diligence. Kevin Bolin, Earth Holdings: Should you sell or find an investor? How can a potential seller make their business more valuable and attractive to a potential buyer or an investor. Define a transaction which fits with your goals while avoiding the landmines that exist. Discuss drivers for acquirers and then actions that can be taken to create value for a potential sale one, two, three years down the road. Ideas about qualifying a buyer or investor to meet the seller’s goals. Russell Faldik, New Earth: New Earth was grown as a family owned business from 1999-2021 when the Leonard family decided it was time to sell to strategic acquirer Denali Water Solutions. New Earth was not necessarily looking to sell, but when the right partner came along the family decided to let it go. Selling a company can be highly emotional. Negotiations and due diligence can take a toll on you and your team. The hope is discussing our experience can help you if you are considering a sale now or in the future.

Speakers: Selling Your Business Panel
Duration: 87 minutes
Credits: 1.5
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