USE.221-Developing Soil / Media Mixes to Promote Growth of Pollinator Friendly Vegetation in Roadside Settings in. NYS-AC22.USCC

The project objective is to identify manufactured soil mixes that support the growth of native, pollinator friendly vegetation in roadside settings. As NYSDOT’s current standard topsoil mixes have been found lacking in their ability to reliably support the establishment of native, pollinator-friendly plant populations; there is a need to develop topsoil specifications that can facilitate the establishment and subsequent growth of pollinator-friendly plant material. Develop an ecoregion map of the state, Identify dominant taxonomic soil units within each state ecoregion. Identify and characterize at least one reference site for each of the dominant taxonomic soil units within the state eco regions. Reference sites shall contain pollinator-friendly, native-plant communities. Based on data collected from the project reference sites, soil material specifications will be developed for each state ecoregion. Work with soil manufacturers to produce sample soil quantities per the soil material specifications developed for each ecoregion and estimate the costs to produce these soils.
Speakers: Jean Bonhotal
Duration: 19 minutes
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