MAR.215-Video Content Marketing is our “Black Gold”!-AC22.USCC

Video is one of the top marketing tools for on online content, time to embrace it and find a strategy. VM trends are increasingly important to overall marketing strategies. In 2021, “86% of businesses indicated that they were using video as a marketing tool.” Additionally, “93% of them say it’s a critical part of their strategy, 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product after watching a video, and they’re twice as likely to share videos than other types of online content” (statistics credit Michael Brenner). Engage your customers with real-life content now. Learn about 2022 trends, live video opportunities on social media pages, and understand large production services are not necessary in today’s smart phone world.
Speakers: Clinton Sander
Duration: 27 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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