FAC.221-Challenging Odor Issues at a Large Industrial Composter-AC22.USCC

This presentation is going to take a closer look at one of the biggest, but most underestimated, risks to industrial composters: odor. We will take a deep dive into the various components of composting sites and how/why they can contribute to odor issues. We will discuss the science of odor as well as the complexity of the human olfactory system. We will review the types and significance of the classification of odor causing compounds (odorants) relevant to the composting industry. We will also touch on the correlation between temperature, barometric pressure, and wind patterns and why monitoring environmental conditions such as those in real time is critical to developing a comprehensive odor management plan. We will discuss successful odor mitigation technologies as they apply to a specific industrial composting site with odor issues as a result of the introduction of highly odorous industrial residual into their facility (case study). We will explain the chemistry behind odor neutralization, as well as a unique utilization/deployment of atomization for a composting facility. Finally, we will help attendees understand the importance and impact of real-time data collection, reporting, remote monitoring and operation of odor mitigation systems on not only for regulatory  compliance but community advocacy and engagement.
Speakers: Josh Rembusch
Duration: 23 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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Non-Member Price: $52.50
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