BUS.242-Lamoille Soil – The Perfect Trifecta of Regulation, Infrastructure, and Money-AC24.USCC

Vermont’s legislature unanimously passed a pioneering statewide ban on food scraps from its only landfill, driven by concerns over climate change and limited landfill space. The ban, phased in gradually, required separation of food scraps from waste. LRSWMD, managing five facilities for various materials but lacking composting, faced the challenge of incorporating food scraps. After exploring options, they renovated an abandoned biosolids composting facility. Funding proved a hurdle, but a federal grant aligned with economic development criteria enabled their success. Today, Lamoille Soil operates efficiently, producing high-quality compost and achieving financial sustainability, offering a model for other communities.
Speakers: Susan Alexander
Duration: 20 minutes
Credits: 0.5
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