About Compost U™ Scholars

Introducing the Compost Scholars Program of the USCC

With the launch of Compost University™, the USCC launches the Compost Scholars Program, allowing students of composting and compost use to earn credits and receive recognition for their passion and investment in time and effort. This Program is different from the USCC’s Professional Credentials Programs, Certified Compost Operations Manager and Certified Composting Professional, who already need to earn credits in order to stay certified.

Upon establishing a seat in the Compost University™ and completing your first course, you will be enrolled in the program as a “Learner”. As a Learner, you will earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for every course you complete in Compost U™. The Learner who earns the most credits each year will be recognized at the Annual Awards Ceremony at the USCC Annual Conference and Tradeshow.

Furthermore, Learners can earn “advanced degrees” in the Program:
100 Credits = Scholar
500 Credits = Advanced Scholar
1000 Credits = Senior Scholar

In addition to earning Continuing Education Credits through Compost U™ courses, completing other forms of continuing education, such as webinars, workshops, and conferences, can also earn CECs. The same tracking and reporting forms the CCOMs and CCPs use to request Professional Development Hours can be used by USCC Learners to request CECs.

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